lord of the flies unit (2023)

Chapters 1-12 lord of the flies study guide

1. What is "the scar?" Why does Golding choose that word?-The scar is from the airplanes demise. It symbolizes man first destruction of the island.

2. How is Ralph unfriendly to Piggy? Why is he unfriendly to Piggy?-He laughs when he tells him his name, he tells the other boys his name, and he makes fun of his asthma along with his mom. He is showing his dark side due to the conditions he is in.

3. Where is the darkness on the island? What is darkness a metaphor for?-The darkness on the island is inside of the forest. It is a metaphor for fear, uncertainty, deception, etc.

4. Ralph makes fun of Piggy's name. Why is that important? Is Ralph an innocent person? Why or Why not?-It is important because it is not truly a characteristic of his character. I think he is innocent because he is civilized and he has a strong moral sensibility.

5. How does Johnny sit below Ralph? What does the little boy expect? why does he choose Ralph?-He sits below Ralph by squatting by him on the platform. He expects that he knows what to do and that he will be a leader. He trusts him because he is older and he found him.

6. How do you know that Merridrew (Jack) is up to no good?-He orders his choir around with no discussion or dissident.

7. What makes Ralph attractive as a leader? Is this a good quality? What would be good qualities in aleader? At this point in the story, would Jack make a good leader? Explain.-He is one of the oldest boys and he is calmed, rational, morally sensible, and has a sound judgment with attention to justice and equality. I think these are good qualities because they all pertain to goodness. I think jack could be a leader since due to the pig he hasnt overcame the idea of being violent yet.

8. Ralph has the conch and Jack has the knife. What does the conch symbolize? What does the knife symbolize?-The conch symbolizes order. The knife symbolizes chaos.

9. As Jack, Ralph, and Simon make their way to the top of the mountain, they stop o do something. What do they do and how does this action make their expedition less than innocent kid stuff?-They push a large rock that is blocking the way. This makes their expedition less than innocent kid stuff because they must work together to solve a problem.

10. Why doesn't Jack kill the pig? What is the main emotion Jack feels? Why is this incident so ominous?-He is not accustomed to the violence. Jack feels pity for and repulsion to the idea of killing the pig. This incident is ominous because he vows he will show no mercy next time.

Chapter Two

Ralph starts to organize things and the world looks good. (The name "Ralph," by the way, means "consent" or "agreement.") But there is fire...

1. Once Jack, Ralph, and Simon get back from their hike around the island, they call another meeting. What do they discuss at this meeting? What do Ralph and Jack find to be the most important thing? What does Piggy think is most important thing?-At the meeting they discuss the fact that they are alone and there are no adults on the island. Ralph and Jack find the most important thing to be establishing rues. Piggy thinks the most important thing is that no knows where they are.

2. The boy with mulberry-colored birthmark wants to know what Ralph and Jack are going to do about the "beastie." What does the "beastie" look like? What does the "beastie" symbolize for the boys?-The beastie looks like a big snake thing. The beastie symbolizes the evil residing within everyone and the dark side of human nature.

3. Why does Ralph believe that they will be rescued? How does Ralph suggest that they help the rescuers find them?-He believes they will be rescued because his father is in the navy, he told him that there are no more unexplored islands, and the queen has a map with all the islands on it. He suggests that that they help the rescuers by making a fire on top of the mountain on the island.

4. How do the kids work? What is their general manner if given a task? Why doesn't Piggy like it?-The kids work in a not so serious carefree way. They general manner if given a task is to do it in a fun or less serious way. He doesnt like it because he knows they will have to work to survive nature.

5. How do they light the fire? Who comes up with the idea of using the glasses?-They light the fire by using piggies specks as a magnifying glass on the kindling. Jack comes up with the idea of using of the glasses.

6. Why is Jack important to the group? How is Piggy a little useless? How does Piggy feel? As a result, how does he act?-He is a more authoritarian leader who keeps people in line. He is smart but no one takes him seriously or listens to him. He acts like hes being looked down upon as a result of this.

7. Once the fire starts to burn more of the island, what do the littl'uns see in the fire? Why is this important?-When the fire burns more of the island the littluns see snakes. It symbolizes visually the evil residing within everyone and the dark side of human nature.

8. Who is missing? Where is he? What does Golding mean by the "drum roll" in the last sentence of this chapter?-One of the littluns is missing. The littlun is in the forest where the fire rages. He means that chaos is slowly emerging like a drum roll.

Study guide questions on Chapters 3&4

C3:Jack("one who supplants or takes over by force") begins to have even more of an effect in this section. Simon(Hebrew for "listener") also becomes important here. See how they approach the jungle differently.

1. At the beginning of this chapter, what is Jack doing? What is he being compared to? How long have they been on the island? How do we know?-He is hunting at the beginning of the chapter. He is being compared to a dog and a sprinter. They have been on the island for two days. We know this because two shelters have been built and the builders say they have been building them for days.

2. What is the jungle like? Since Jack is starting to become comfortable in the jungle, what does that show?-The jungle is a hot dark forest with life. He shows that he is becoming less afraid of committing violent acts.

3. What are Ralph and Simon trying to do? Why aren't they successful? What are the littl'uns doing? Psychologically, why are the shelters important?-Ralph and simon are trying to build shelters. The littluns are bathing, eating, or playing. They are important because they represent a place where people can experience there private self.

4. What are the littl'uns afraid of? What is Ralph's solution? What is Jack's?-They are afraid of the beastie or the snake thing. Ralphs solution is to have them build shelters. Jack solution is to have them hunt.

5. Why is naming things important?-Naming things is important because it tells a lot about something in one word and it can symbolize something.

6. Where does Simon go? What role is he starting to take in the story? Why is is important that he slips away from the group? How does Golding use light in this section?-Simon goes to the jungle to find a clearing. Simon is starting to take the role of goodness and a positive person. It is important that he slips away from the group to collect his thoughts and clear his head. He use it to point out that Simon is goodness and has a pure soul.

7. How is the jungle for Simon different than the jungle for Jack? (Look back at the beginning of the chapter to help you make the comparison.) What flowers bloom at night? What does that show about the jungle?-Simon views the jungle as a place for harmony and relaxation. Jack views it as a place to hunt and where he can be his true self. The white wide flowers bloom at night. This shows the jungle is a place where it is dark and unlikely things emerge at night.

8. If Jack symbolizes darkness and chaos and Ralph symbolizes lightness and order, what does Simon symbolize?-Simon symbolizes a Christ figure and pure goodness.

Chapter 4

A chance for rescue passes by unheeded while hunting goes on and Piggy loses something dear to him.

1. What rhythm is the island in? How do the boys measure time? What does this show about their civilization? In describing the day, what else is Golding describing? Explain.-The Island is in a rhythm of a slow swing from don to dusk. They measure time through work, food, play and the strange things that happen at . It shows that they have a slow fairly easy going civilization. He is describing the weather and the boys activities in one day. The breeze for example is symbolizes the boys preparation before the hunt.

2. How do the littl'uns act? How have they lost civilization?-They eat fruit and play. They lost civilization because they have cried less for there mothers, aged, are used to stomach aches and the runs, etc. They also lead there own intense life.

3. When Roger throws shells at Henry, he doesn't hit him. Why? How is Roger described? How is Golding using the metaphor of darkness?-He is playing around with Henry and he isnt used to being violent. He is described as being a mean black haired boy with a gloomy face. He is using the metaphor to symbolize Roger being evil.

4. While Roger was shelling Henry, Golding says that Henry was "exercising control over living things." Why would Henry want to do that?-He sees how Jack and Ralph have control over the other boys and he wants the same thing.

5. Masks are powerful things. Why? How does Jack show this? How does Jack feel with the mask on?-Masks can not only hide your face but also your true identity. Jack shows this by painting his face and behind it he is evil and sadistic which he shows through the tribal dance. He feels powerful and liberated like he can do anything he wants while not thinking about more important things.

6. Once they see a ship, Ralph and Piggy remember that they need to have a signal for the ship to know that they are on the island. How do they know, even before they get there, that the fire went out? Why did Ralph not notice before this time?-He sees that there is not enough smoke and that it can no longer be seen for miles. He didnt notice it before that because he was swimming.

7. What are the hunters chanting as they approach? Jack's excuse for letting the fire go out was, "We needed meat." What does the killing of the pig reveal about the priorities of the boys on the island?-They are chanting kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. It reveals that there priorities arent straight and they arent focused on the more important ones.

8. Why does Jack break the glasses? What does this act symbolize?-He scolds Jack for hunting while he should have been watching the fire and he tells him he cant even build a hut. This act symbolizes jacks true violent nature and that he is really just a bully.

9. Does Ralph eat any pig? Why? Does Piggy? How does he get it? How is Jack using the meat?-He does eat pig because he is tired of crab, berries and the other food he has been eating. He does and he gets it from Simon. Jack is using the meat to prove that he is better than Ralph because he has fed them meat while Ralph hasnt and he partly failed too in watching the fire so the ship could see the smoke.

10. What do they do after they eat? How does this show savageness?-The hunters reenact the hunt with a wild tribal dance and with someone pretending to be the pig. The shows savageness because it highlights there transition into savagery.

Chapter 5 study guide questions

1. How is Ralph different now from the way he was the first time he walked the beach? How does Golding use hair symbolically here?-He is starting to look more like someone who has been shipwrecked and he has aged. He used the hair to symbolically show that its changed since he first arrived on the island.

2. What is the tone of the meeting? What does Ralph want to talk about? How have they forgotten their jobs?-The tone of the meeting is disappointment and a loss of realizing there situation that there in. He wants to talk about how work isnt getting done and rules arent being followed. They have forgotten there jobs because they are starting to form there own societies. The hunters hunt all day with jack. The other kids play, eat, and sleep. Only a few kids like Simon and Ralph do there jobs such as building the shelters.

3. Complete the quote; "We've got to have smoke up there_______." Explain this quote. Ralph also says that the smoke is more important than the pig. How is he right? How is he wrong? Why should he have ended his speech when Jack wants the conch?-Weve got to have smoke up there- or die. He is saying that either they have smoke or get rescued or they will stay on the island and probably die sooner than they would than if they were off the island. He is right because they can eat pig all they want with little chance of being rescued or they can make smoke and most likely be rescued. He is wrong because they probably could just stay on the island surviving on pig and berries and be rescued on account of luck. He should have ended the speech because he was overemphasizing it and the rest of the kids in the back of the mind probably understood what he was saying.

4. What does Jack say to the assembly? How is he being sensible?-He says he has been everywhere and theres no beast. He is being sensible by saying something that proves there are no beast and he trying to relax everyone.

5. What does Phil tell them about? Why is it a mistake to talk about the beast when they do? What happens to Percival? When he remembers his name, what does that show? Where does he think the beast is?-He tells them that he had a horrible dream where he fought with the creepers. It heightens everyones fears of the beast. Percival cries after telling Ralph about himself. He has been thinking about the beast because everyone has been taking about it. He thinks the beast is in the water surrounding the island.

6. How are the little kids starting to behave? Why?-They are behaving in a non serious way. They believe in the beast so they play around and are not serious so they can keep themselves occupied so they dont think about the beast.

7. Simon comes up with a dangerous idea. What is it? Who does he think the beast is? Explain.-His idea is that there really is a beast. He thinks the beast is themselves. The reasons why being the littluns are generating this beast through there imagination, there behaving like one, everyone is mostly in the me mode, they arent working together or helping each other very much, and he points out that humans are the dirtiest animals.

8. How does the meeting end? Why do the kids do that?-The meeting ends with Jack pointing out that Ralph isnt a very good chief. They arent used to discipline and some of the kids are for what Jack says.

9. What do they wish for at the end of the chapter? Why?-They wish that there family members where on the island. If they where on the island they would most likely work together, look out for each other, try to get off the island, care for each other, and lastly they would discipline the boys resulting in a stable society.

10. What does Percival do in the middle of the night? Why?-Percival cries in the middle of the night. He is sad, lonely, he misses his family, and the things he knows for sure cant help him.

Chapter 6 Study Guide questions

Well, the world of adults sends a message to the kids, just as they asked...

1. What details in the description let you know that the figure is dead before it hits the ground? What sort of message is this?-The details say there is an explosion in the sky, and says the figure hung with dangling arms.

2. Who sees the beast? How do they react? Why didn't they see the body fall?-Sam and Eric sees the beast. They tell Ralph and what they see scares and terrifies them. They were tending and watching the fire so they dont see the body fall.

3. Complete the quote "The silence was full of_________." Explain.-The silence was full of doubts. They are unsure what they are seeing.

4. How was this a good meeting for Ralph? How does he get the attention of the meeting away from Jack? Do the boys want to be rescued? Explain.-The meeting is good because it helps the boys believe what he says about the fire. He points out and asks the boys if they want to be rescued. I think they do but they want to follow Jack more because he seems stronger.

5. How was Simon embarrassed? What wasn't he able to do? Who does Simon imagine the beast to be?-Sam and Eric prove to the boys that Simon was wrong. He wasnt able to prove that the beast was themselves. He imagines the beast to be a heroic and sick human.

6. Why must Ralph lead them onto the rock? How is that a good thing for Ralph's leadership? How is this trip different from the first trip the three of them took?-He must lead them because he is chief and he remembers where they havent been on the island. It proves he is smart and he knows and can do things. This time everyone goes and it is at night.

7. How does Golding describe the rock using personification?-He describes the rock by using personification by saying the rock aids Jack in getting to the bridge as if it was a human.

8. When Jack says, "Couldn't let you do it on your own," what two ways are we supposed to take it?-We are supposed to take it as a way of Jack sayings Ralphs week and as Jack being nice.

9. How does this rock toppling contrast with the previous Rock toppling?-It topples into the sea and doesnt destroy anything while the rock in the other toppling topples into the forest and it destroys trees and other flora.

10. Why is this a good place for the fort? How has the author made the identity of the beast more and more clear? What do the other boys want to do?-There is no where to hide and it is protected from the ocean. He has made jack more and more violent and hostile. The other boys explore the fort and push the rocks.

11. An important thing has happened at the fort. The last line gives it away. How did this happen?-He leads the boys down the bridge. Ralph was to tired and angry to lead. The boys also fall and mutter mutinously.

Study Guide questions on C7&8

1. What does Ralph come to realize about how the boys live?-Hes come to realize that the boys are living an uncivilized and dirty life.

2. Ralph realizes something about the physical aspects of the island. Discuss how different ends of the island make individuals feel.-The other end is lush, colorful, inviting and it makes the individuals feel happy and like they are in paradise. This end is tough, weathered, uninviting, and it makes them feel sad and more violent and savage.

3. Simon tells Ralph, "You'll get back to where you came from." what does Simon know?-He knows that there is a chance that they will make it home.

4. What does Jack suggest? Does Ralph agree?-Jack suggest that they need meat even though there hunting the beast. Ralph agrees with Jack because if they do it there going the right way.

5. Ralph wounds a boar. How does it make him feel?-This makes him feel excited, strong, powerful, and like he has accomplished a huge feet.

6. How does Jack get the attention away from Ralph's brave feat of injuring the boar?-Jack takes the attention away from Ralphs feat by having a tribal dance and pretending Robert is a pig.

7. What happens as Robert pretends to be a pig and the boys circle him?-The boys who are participating in a tribal dance including Ralph become overly realistic in their acting causing them to strike and hurt Robert.

8. Robert said they should use a real pig unstead of a pretend person for their wild dance of the pig hunt. What did Jack say that all of a sudden puts a chill in one's heart?-It puts a chill in ones heart because it could symbolize Piggy being hunted since his name has the word pig in it and Jack doesnt like him very much.

9. The boys are now far from where they left Piggy on the beach with the Littluns as they explored for the new beast. Who volunteers to go through the forest during the evening to tell Piggy they will get back after dark? Why?-Simon volunteers to go through the forest to tell piggy they will get back after dark. He represents goodness; he is probably worried about piggy and the littluns, and maybe he feels like hes going to have a seizure soon.

10. Ralph asks Jack, "Why do you hate me?" Why does Jack hate Ralph?-Jack is a bully and he wants to rule the boys. Since Ralph is chief he is in Jacks way of achieving this. Thats why he hates him. Its similar to how Trotsky was a possible ruler after Lenin died so Stalin probably hated him because he had a good chance of being Lenins successor instead of him so he eventually had him exiled.

11. Who goads Ralph into climbing the mountain in the dark? Who volunteered to accompany Ralph and Jack?-Jack goads Ralph into climbing the mountain in the dark. Roger volunteers to accompany Ralph and Jack up the mountain.

12. Jack makes the final ascent alone. What does he report to Ralph and Roger?-He reports to Ralph and Roger that he saw something on the top.

13. Who now insists on going up on the mountain to see what's there?-Ralph insists on going up the mountain to see whats there.

14. Why do the boys run when they see the dead parachutist?-They think its the beast which scares, terrifies, and supports there fears of the beast.

Chapter 8

Jack finally gets mad and leaves. He and his hunters go after the beast, in a very odd hunt. Simon creeps into the woods as well and talks to the beast.

1. What does Piggy have a hard time believing? How do they describe the conch? What does that say about the force of civilization?-He has a hard time believing that the boys actually saw the beast. They describe the conch as a glimmering white blob. This says that the force of democracy in there civilization is fading and not clear.

2. Complete the quote:"Boys armed with_________." Why does this anger Jack?-Boys armed with spears. This angers Jack because they are mostly allied with him and they have successfully killed pigs while Ralph has not.

3. Why did Jack call the meeting? What happens at the meeting to Jack? After six hours, what are the results of the meeting?-He calls the meeting to insist that the beast is a threat and it must be hunted. At the meeting his hunters are called cowards, no one wants to remove Ralph as chief, and he runs off angry after no one wants to join his tribe. The results are most of the boys join Jack and a few of the boys decide to build a signal fire on the beach.

4. Why is Piggy upset?-Piggy is upset that Ralph didnt try harder to try and work things out with Jack. He is also upset that he let him go.

5. What does Simon suggest? Why is that a good idea? In reality, what is he telling the boys to do?-Simon suggests that they climb the mountain. It is a good idea because it gives them something to do and they could eat meat. In reality he is telling the boys to join Jack.

Study Guide C9

Simon sees the beast and comes back to tell everyone, but finds the real beast.

1. How has the weather changed? Why did Golding do this?-The weather changes into a violent raging storm. He did this to set the mood up of evil and savagery and he probably did this to foreshadow the violence that will soon erupt and rage out of control.

2. What does Simon do when he finds the pilot? Why does this show his humanity? Why isn't he scared?-He examines the pilot and frees him from the rocks. It shows his humanity because he shows concern, sorrow, and sickness for the dead pilot. He isnt scared because he never believed there was a beast and he realizes its a dead man.

3. How do the boys treat Jack? Why might they be more comfortable doing this than the democracy Ralph practiced? Is this the same or different from their old life? Why?-The boys treat Jack like hes there leader. They might be more comfortable doing this because Jack seems stronger and he tells him what they want to hear not what they need to heat. This is different because there is no longer any true democracy, many of the boys have masks and paint, the boys are more savage, etc.

4. Why won't they look at Ralph? How does Ralph and Piggy defuse the scene?-They dont want to be disloyal or make jack angry. They try to make the boys laugh and Piggy tries to whistle.

5. How has the conch lost some of its power?-It has lost its power because Jack is starting to run things like a dictatorship and he argues with Ralph that theres basically no use or need for it anymore.

6. Instead of trying to protect themselves from the rain, the boys begin their dance. Why? What does the dance protect them from?-They want to do it Jacks way and there used to being hunters and savages. It protects them from the supposed beast and there real priorities.

7. Complete the quote: They were glad to touch______." How is circle a fence? Why do Piggy and Ralph join it? What do they chant?-They were glad to touch the brown backs of the fence that hemmed in the terror and made it governable. It is a fence because the thing inside cant get outside the barrier which is being referred to as a fence. They join it because no one will listen to them and everyone else is joining in. They chant kill the beat! Cut his throat! Spill the blood!.

8. Complete the quote: There were no word, no movements but_______." What claws? Explain.-There were no word, no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws. The claws are everyones lust for violence and the dark side of them. They use these to kill Simon. If Jack would have never initiated the tribal hunt the boys would have probably not unleashed the dark side of them and there lust for violence which is there claws.

9. What else leaves the island? Why was this able to leave? Symbolically, what does this represent?-The pilots body leaves the island. He is able to leave due to the wind. This symbolically represents humanity leaving the island. Since Simon is killed and similar occurrences are probably going to continue.

10. How is Simon's body taken away from the island? Why does the author dwell on the bioluminescence? What is he trying to compare it to? How is that fitting for Simon?-The seas current takes Simons body away from the island. He dwells on it to illustrate the death of innocence. He is trying to compare it to Simons spirit going up to heaven. It is fitting because in a way he represents goodness and innocence on the island because he never believed there was a beast, he actually built shelters, he believe and helped Ralph, he was mostly nice to the boys, etc.

Chapter 10

Everyone has to deal with the fact that they murdered. Some do better than others. Piggy loses an important thing.

1. When Ralph asks Piggy what they should do, what is Piggy's response? Why does Ralph laugh at this suggestion?-Piggys response is that they should call an assembly. He knows that no one will come and that the boys no longer think assemblies are worth happening.

2. Why does Piggy not want to believe that they killed Simon? What do Piggy and Ralph agree to do? Why must Sam and Eric believe that they were not a part of the killing?-He is fairly smart so he doesnt want to admit that he wasnt thinking strait. They both agree that they will live alone with the twins. They must believe that they werent part of the killing so they wont lose there minds and so they can try to be good and not savage like Jack and his followers.

3. After Samneric bring the log out of the forest to put on the fire, how do they react to the conversation that Ralph is trying to start with them? Why do they act this way?-They react by acting like they werent around when the murder occurred. They act this way because they are horrified and cant believe what has happened.

4. Where has Jack set up camp? What sorts of things is he doing to show his power as chief?-Jack has set up camp at castle rock. He has a boy beaten and tied up to show his power.

5. Jack insists that they did not kill the beast. Why?-He secretly wants the boys to have something to fear so he has power. Power can also often be feed by fear.

6. Ralph keeps forgetting momentarily why they need fire. What does this signify? SamnEric continue to complain that it is too hard to keep the fire going all the time. Instead of having it lit all the time, what do they agree to do as a compromise? Why is Ralph willing to allow this?-It signifies that he is losing hope of being rescued. They agree to have two people tend the fire and to light it in the morning. He is willing to allow this because it will keep the fire lit and it helps them have a chance of being rescued.

7. At night what does Ralph think of? Do you suppose Roger or Jack dream similar things? What do they dream of? What does Piggy think will happen to them? How long have they been on the island?-He dreams of being home. I think they do because in the back of there minds they want to go home. They probably dream of ruling the island with an iron fist. He thinks they will eventually reach home. They have been on the island for 10 days.

8. When they hear noises outside the shelter, what do they think? How are they wrong? How are they right?-They think its the beast when they hear noises out of the shelter. They are wrong because its boys from Jacks clan. They are right because there murder of pigs and Simon have turned them into savages.

9. What happens in the shelter? What is gone? What is the literal importance of that? Figuratively, what has happened?-They are attacked by Jacks clan. Piggys glasses are gone. The literal importance of that is they have little chance of lighting the fire. Figuratively they have lost there crutch to aid them in being rescued.

Study Guide Questions for Chapter 11

Civilization, in it's last tattered remnants, sinks gracefully beneath the waves.

1. What does Piggy insist that Ralph do? What does Piggy still believe in? Does anyone else?-Piggy insists that Ralph calls an assembly. Piggy still believes in democracy. I think Ralph is the only other person who does because he tries to call an assembly.

2. What is he going to tell Jack? What will he bring with him? What does he think that will do? Why should Jack give him his glasses back?-He is going to tell Jack that they need Piggys glasses. He will bring spears, Piggy, and Sam and Eric. He thinks that this will show determination and that he being serious. Jack should give the glasses back because he stole them and piggy needs them more then he does.

3. How are they going to get ready for the trip? Why is that important? How does Golding use hair again? What do SamnEric want?-They are going to get ready by having something to eat and make spears. They want to be strong and be able to defend themselves. He uses it to describe what the boys look like. Sam and Eric want smoke.

4. What is Ralph constantly forgetting? What does that show?-Ralph is forgetting that they need to make smoke so they will be rescued. It shows he has lost hope and touch with civilization.

5. Complete the quote: "Stop being_____." Why is that the wrong word to use? Who else might say that word?-Stop being silly. It is the wrong word to use because they are really being savages. Simon or Piggy also might say that word.

6. What does Roger do to the twins? Where else have we seen this action? How is it different this time?-Roger orders the twins to halt. We have seen this when he throws rocks at a boy. Before he misses the boys and he is playing around and here he isnt and he has hostile intentions.

7. What does Ralph accuse Jack of being? How does Jack feel as a result of that? How does Jack and Ralph's battle show a shred of civilization?-Ralph accuses Jack of being a thief. Although he probably knows he is he is mad and sees this as a threat to his power. There fight shows a shred of civilization because they are really just fighting like kids do but because they have been on the island for a while the fight is more hostile and aggressive.

8. Why does the tribe laugh at Ralph? What does that show about them? What odd order does Jack give? Why do they follow it?-They cant believe that he is determined to get the glasses. It shows that they are now truly beasts and savages. The odd order that Jack gives is to capture Sam and Eric. They follow it because Jack rules with an Iron fist.

9. How does Ralph become savage? How does Piggy stop it? Why do the kids boo him?-He has become savage because he fights with Jack instead of trying to work these things out more in a verbal way. He stops it by asking everyone if its better to have rules and agree or to hunt and kill. They are used to a dictatorship and no longer practice democracy.

10. What is making the "Zup" sound? What does that show? Does Roger see Piggy and Ralph as people anymore? Explain and/or quote.-The stone being rolled and lifted are the zup sound. This shows that the boys have turned into beasts themselves. I dont think so because they dont follow Jack and I think he views them as pigs because they are outcasts since at this point most of the boys follow Jack.

11. What happens to Piggy? How do the kids react to this? What else is gone? What does this show? Where else in the novel has Golding used the rolling rock?-Piggy is killed by a rolling boulder. The kids are silent. Democracy and order is gone. This shows that the island is a society in chaos. The rolling rock was used at the beginning when the boys rolled it into the forest.

12. What does Jack do to Ralph? How does Jack run? What does that show?-Jack hurls spears at Ralph. Jack runs viscously with full intention. This shows that he is determined to rule the island.

13. Jack gets angry at Roger. Why? What other reason might there be for his anger? -He gets angry because Roger leaves the fort. The other reason might be the twins could have escaped and he would have lost more boys to rule bully and rule with an iron fist under.

Chapter 12 study guide questions

In which terror and the beast rule the island and an improbable, but disquieting ending occurs. What begins with a noble call of the shell, ends with the cry of the hunters.

1. Why can't Ralph clean his wounds?-He is worried about the future and what he is going to do.

2. What does the feasting allow him to do?-It allows him to collect his thoughts and be safe for the moment.

3. What does Ralph think he could be? Why won't Jack ever let him alone?-Ralph thinks he could be an outcast. Jack wont ever let him alone because he is determined for him to be either with him or dead. Just like what Stalin probably wanted for Trotsky.

4. What does Ralph meet in the clearing? Why is it grinning? Why does it grin more, the more Ralph hits it?-Ralph meets the lord of the flies in the clearing. It is grinning because what it said has come true. It grins the more Ralph hits it because it represents the chaos that wont go away on the island.

5. Why does Ralph want to join the group? Why won't he?-He wants to join the group so he will have something to eat and so he will survive. He wont because he knows they are an angry mob of savages and if he is with them he will become one too.

6. Who does Ralph talk to? What does he say to them? Why do they tell him to leave? How will they hunt for him?-Ralph talks to the twins Sam and Eric. He says to them that they will have to leave Jacks tribe. They are doing it so he wont be spotted and to help him survive. They tell him that Jacks tribe is going to hunt him tomorrow. The tribe will hunt him together with sticks.

7. What has Roger got ready for Ralph? What's it for?-Roger has sticks sharpened at both ends ready for Ralph. Its used to hunt Ralph.

8. How has Ralph become an animal?-He moves around the forest like an animal and carries something to defend himself with.

9. Where does Ralph hide? Why has his hiding place been discovered?-Ralph hides in a thicket. His hiding place is discovered when its revealed by the twins.

10. How do the boys attempt to get him out of the thicket?-They roll big rocks down the hill into the thicket.

11. How do they finally get him out of the thicket? What does Ralph do on the way out of the thicket? What does that show?-They get him out of the thicket by setting the forest on fire. He attacks some savages on the way out of the thicket. This shows he has some savageness in him like the other boys.

12. What choices does Ralph have for survival? What else could he do? What does he finally choose? Whereabouts on the island does he do this?-He could hide or climb a tree. He could also fight the savages. He finally chooses to hide to survive.

13. Where does Ralph run to?-He runs to the creepers where Simon used to hang out at.

14. How is he rescued? Who rescues him? Why did he have his hand on the butt of his gun?-He is rescued by accidentally running into a naval officer. Some naval officers rescue him. He has his hand on the butt of the gun because he sees the boys are dangerous.

15. What is ironic about how the ship found the boys?-The boys in essence are in a war and the ship belongs to the navy which is also a symbol of war.

16. What can't Percival Wemys Madison remember? Why?-He cant remember his address because he has lost touch with civilization.

17. He calls them "a pack of British boys." Why is the word "pack" appropriate?-The hunt Ralph and the Pigs like a pack of predators such as lions, hyenas, or like similar predators.

18. Why is Ralph crying? What has he learned?-He is crying due to the death of innocence. He has learned that even the nicest people can be evil when there are no limits, guidance, or superiors over them.

19. Why doesn't the officer look at them? What does he look at in the distance? What does that show?-he is shocked by a boy running for his life. He looks at the fire burning in the distance. This shows that fear and chaos are allies.


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